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Cosplay Cleric

Pastel Polyhedrons Dice Bag

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A dice bag with dice on it, how original. These pastel dice lay on a plum background, intermixed with stars that remind me of a galaxy. Lined with a peachy polygonal fabric to complement the pastels on the exterior, and a shiny gold scale bottom.


This listing is for one (1) handmade drawstring dice bag.

Comes in two sizes!

  • Five inch diameter bag can hold up to 1 lb of dice.
  • Seven inch diameter bag can hold upwards of 7 lbs of dice.

Made from cotton, with cotton stitching and sateen ribbons. A durable, vegan leather bottom adds support & structure.

May or may not be worn as a hat. I'm not your boss.


1-3 business days


Colors may appear slightly different on screen than on the actual item, depending on your monitor settings.