About the Cosplay Cleric

My name is Lex and I am the Cosplay Cleric. Welcome to my shop!

For the last decade, I have gone to conventions and events exclusively to repair costumes for free. I do this because I love costuming and I adore the community that we've helped to create- one of acceptance & love for ourselves, each other, and our fandoms. I am blown away, every year, by the creativity and sheer brilliance of costuming.

The Cosplay Cleric as a concept started in 2013 with a friend’s simple idea: help people have a good time at cons. Initially, we only planned to carry snacks and drinks and keep an eye out for congoers who looked upset or unhappy. I, being extra, was inspired by the work of Captain Patch-It & decided to carry tape and thread and glue as well. The first year was at Fanime 2014, and was an instant hit. I’ve been the Cleric ever since. 

With the rise of Coronavirus and the end of Conventions as we knew it, I turned to tiktok as a creative outlet and found a community of like-minded cosplayers, and support like I had never known it before. I'm so proud of my work on tiktok and incredibly grateful for the followers and community that has sprung up around me.

Thank you for visiting me here, and thank you for supporting me for all these years. I hope to bring my best for the 2024 con season, & I hope to see you there!


2024 Convention Schedule

Anime Los Angeles, Long Beach California: January 4th-7th
Further Confusion, San Jose California: January 11th-15th
Ohana Comic Con, Chico California: January 28th
Katsucon, Washington DC: February 16th-18th
CarrierCon, Alameda California: March 9th
Offkai Expo, Burlingame California: May 30th-June 2nd
Anime Expo, Los Angeles California: July 4th-7th
Sacanime Summer, Sacramento California: August 30th-September 1st
Another Fur Con, Ontario California: September 27th-29th
YumeCon USA, San Jose California: October 26th-27th
Midwest FurFest, Rosemont Illinois: December 5th-8th
This list is only conventions I am guaranteed to be at! Check back later as more conventions are added all the time!


Watch the Cleric in Action: